Aja Frost @ajavuu


Consider the yurt the new-age version of the tent. Yurts are rounded tent structures with pointed tops. They’ve been around for years but lately have been getting even more attention, including being featured by brands as part of the rising “cozy” aesthetic and on season 2 of the hit Netflix series “You.” They are used in traditional camping and glamping settings and for nontraditional retreats and random outdoor events (thus the new-age feel).

What’s next: As the events business, glamping, and yoga retreats continue to grow, the popularity of yurts will keep rising. Opportunities exist for creating a yurt company or a vacation/retreat business that includes yurts. Pacific Yurts, the leading yurt specialist, is based mainly on the West Coast, and its products are not as common in the Midwest and the East. Sam Zell’s company, which we feature below, recently spun off Petite Retreats, which offers stays in yurts, covered wagons, and teepees, from his successful public company Equity LifeStyle Properties.

Another opportunity: The rafters and lattice needed for building yurts are the two most popular keywords among people discussing yurts on Reddit.

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