Flares: Jewelry House Calls, Pop-Up Picnics, and Gray Hair

Aja Frost @ajavuu

Jewelers Bring Back the Bling

A century ago, Pierre Cartier traveled the world and brought diamonds straight to homes. With the pandemic discouraging customers from going out to stores, high-end jewelers are once again making a mint through house calls, with sales climbing as much as 300%

A popular spin on this pandemic-inspired activity includes inviting local jewelers to intimate outdoor gatherings, creating mini backyard jewelry-shopping parties. 

Jewelers transporting diamonds and watches worth thousands of dollars also increases risk of theft. To ensure smooth delivery and exchange, there's an opportunity for an Uber model of on-demand security. GettGuard is one such app available in France, but the space is still up for grabs elsewhere. 

At-home tactics could also be applied to the DIY scene, leveling up friendship-bracelet braiding with luxury metals and genuine stones. R/Jewelry and r/JewelryMaking have doubled in the last year, with 52k+ and 34k+ subscribers now, respectively. 

Pop-Up Picnics Are Poppin’ Off

Source: Google Trends

The pandemic has put the kibosh on many indoor gatherings -- but outdoor picnics have seen a renaissance.

Pop Up Picnic Co., an early brand in this space, reported a recent 10x+ increase in sales. Packages -- including food, drink, ambiance, setup, and cleanup -- begin at $239 for 2 guests. 

The trend is particularly social media-worthy, with 170k+ TikTok views on 34.5k+ Instagram tags. 

Source: The Event Community’s Instagram

Australia is leading the pop-up picnic scene, with ~10 times the search volume as the US. Within the US, only Florida and California have significant search interest, meaning there’s white space galore. 

Opportunities include partnering with brands as a marketing or distribution channel -- think charcuterie boards, tablecloths, or baskets. 

You could also offer subscriptions or seasonal memberships, with some brands offering igloos for chillier months. 

Want to take the pop-up game a step further? Set up camping gear (glamping, anyone?) or deliver fishing or hiking packages directly on-site. Outdoors Geek, one such camping rental service, gets 6.1k visits/month, per Keywords Everywhere.

Gray Is the New Blond

Source: Google Trends

A blog that brings in $6-10k/month with a 70% email open rate is perhaps not something you’d associate with… embracing gray hair.

But Katie Emery’s Katie Goes Platinum (launched late 2018) is just that. And her surging following suggests that this is an underserved niche hungry for content.

Tips and tricks on how to manage the transition to natural gray, care and product guides, and a space to share your story with the Silver Sisterhood are just a few of the topics covered. 

Pioneer Katie will likely be followed by a slew of silver vixens celebrating their natural manes.

If you’re looking to jump on the blog train (men, this is far from a female-only space), it's worth noting that Katie Goes Platinum channels most of its traffic from an active Facebook community.

Other opportunities include guides, newsletters, and products. Jungle Scout shows this hair mask for gray/silver hair brings in $231k/month on Amazon. Subscription boxes for gray hair care products are also an attractive option.

Source: Keywords Everywhere

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