Flares: Drip Bars, Office Pods, and Wax Seals

Aja Frost @ajavuu

Drip Bars Are Poppin’

IV therapy (AKA “drip bars”) was first made popular around 2016 by the likes of Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen, and Gwyneth Paltrow (via Goop).

Despite a March 2020 dip (can’t imagine why that would be… ), interest in on-demand intravenous therapy at luxury clinics like NutriDrip, The Hydration Room, and Vivamayr has continued to surge.

Different IV “cocktails” and “shooters” -- which range from ~$115 to $1k a pop -- are touted to cure dehydration (hangovers), boost energy levels, and promote glowing skin.   

This latest health and wellness trend still has plenty of room to grow. Oxygen bars, which took off in the ’90s, still get 20k searches/month, according to Keywords Everywhere.

In addition to opening your own drip bars (and eventually franchising, like IV Nutrition has done), there will be opportunities to provide ancillary services like courses and consulting

You could also branch out into IV therapy getaways, experiences, and parties, or go mobile by providing at-home treatments to the ~2k people who search “IV drip at home,” according to Keywords Everywhere.

Office Pods Are the New Phone Booths

Source: Keywords Everywhere

V-Cube is a Japanese videoconferencing software company that’s rolling out self-contained office pods in corporate foyers and public spaces (e.g., airports, train stations, malls, and even 7-Elevens) across Japan. 

They’ve already installed 90 of their soundproof Telecubes and have plans to ramp up to 1k installations by 2023. The pods can be reserved for ~$2.40 for 15-minute intervals via an app.

If one year of back-to-back Zoom meetings and “Can you see my screen?” have taught us anything, it’s that videoconferencing and remote working is here to stay. Companies that enable people to make their video calls seamlessly while on the go stand to win big.

While there is an opportunity to replicate the video phone-booth model in other geographies, the same pods could also be set up as micro coworking spaces that allow remote workers to have face-to-face meetings without needing to meet at a coffee shop or book a meeting room.

People are already renting out their homes and Accessory Dwelling Units as office space via companies like Codi, so why not enable private companies and property owners to install an office pod? 

Wax Seals Are Sticking Again

Source: Subreddit Stats

Yes, the type your great-great-grandmother probably used to seal her envelopes; these little old-school seals are now totally a thing. Check out this YouTube video, which has generated 2.8m+ views since its 2019 release. 

According to Jungle Scout data, weekly searches on Amazon for “wax seal stamp kit” are up 900%+ YoY, growing from 1.4k to 14k searches. 

The r/WaxSealers subreddit is experiencing exponential growth, and Keywords Everywhere shows that ~50k people search for “wax seal” every month. Other related terms are also popular:

  • “Wax seal kit”: 9.9k searches/month
  • “Custom wax seal stamp”: 4.4k
  • “Envelope wax seal”: 2.9k

There is opportunity to sell the raw materials required and/or kits. Jungle Scout data reveals that this pack of sealing wax beads and this stamp set bring in $50k and $144k per month, respectively, on Amazon. 

You could design and craft personalized seals for wedding invites, company letterheads, family crests, etc. 

Novelty seals also present attractive opportunities -- Amazon was sold out of this Christmas set for weeks before Christmas.

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