Flares: Skateboards are having their 2nd wave and hair care is the new self-care

Aja Frost @ajavuu

Skateboards Are Having Their Second Wave

It’s well-documented that COVID was a good time for wheel sports like bikes and Rollerblades. Now, 2021 is ushering in a new wave of wannabe skateboarders looking for easier ways to break into the sport. 

Enter longboards and cruisers. 

As the names suggest, they’re longer, wider, and have softer wheels than skateboards, making it much easier to keep your balance. 

The r/longboarding subreddit has grown by 77% from ~100k subscribers at the beginning of 2020 to ~177k today, according to Subreddit Stats.

This cruiser board for beginner adults brings in ~$220k/month in revenue on Amazon, and this mini cruiser board (which comes in 26 different color combinations) brings in ~$200k, according to Jungle Scout. 

Thirty-day search volume for “electric skateboard” on Amazon skyrocketed by 1,141% in April to ~45k. “Electric skateboard with remote” jumped 115% to 11.4k searches. 

You could also supply equipment. Thirty-day search interest on Amazon is trending up, according to Jungle Scout:

  • “knee and elbow pads for women”: +333%
  • “skateboarding equipment”: +140%
  • “skate accessories for women”: +32%
  • “skateboard wheels”: +21%

The Mane Attraction

Source: Subreddit Stats

Is hair care the new self-care, or are we just getting more vain about our manes?

Hair-centric subreddit subscribers have more than doubled over the last year. Jungle Scout shows US Amazon search volumes for hair products have soared over the past 90 days:

  • K18 hair treatment: +551%
  • Moroccan oil hair products: +527%
  • Hair conditioning mask: +425%
  • Keratin oil: +402%

Entrepreneurs could leverage the personalization trend and provide customized D2C products or hair supplements, like Function of Beauty or Nutrafol.

Source: Google Trends

Niche down and focus on curly hair (577k+ Reddit subscribers) or eccentric dyes and styles (r/FancyFollicles with 248k+). Earlier this year we touched on a single blogger minting it by bringing together the gray-haired community.

D2C dye kits are another attractive option. At-home hair dye sales grew 750% during lockdown -- and ~67% of buyers plan to continue to color their own hair at home. 

And don’t forget about the hair extension and wig market, a $7B industry that we dove into here.

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