Electroforming: the next arts & crafts sensation?

Aja Frost @ajavuu

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The Signal: One of the fastest-growing groups on Reddit is the subreddit r/electroforming, which has seen a 7x subscriber increase (to nearly 11k subs) over the past month.

Electroforming is a metal-forming process that looks like a high school science experiment...

(Source: Google Images)

...but don’t be fooled, you can create some amazing arts & crafts with it (e.g., metal sculptures and jewelry).

(Source: Google Images)

The Opportunity: Electroforming goes back centuries and has been practiced by notable figures such as Thomas Editon and Michael Faraday. Today, the art echoes other "hipster"-inspired artisanal trades (e.g., woodworkleatherwork), which consumers value for their distinctive and non-mass produced look. Opportunities around electroforming include: 1) creating electroforming kits; 2) selling electroform art and jewelry; 3) building an audience through how-to guides -- and then selling people your kits and art.

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