Airplane Cocktail Kit Creating a Buzz

Aja Frost @ajavuu

Source: Google Trends

Ever longed for a 30k-foot cocktail that wasn’t just vodka à la tomato juice? Look no further than the airplane cocktail kit —small packages designed to allow you to create your own cocktail mid-air, whether it’s a margarita or a hot toddy. People have been searching for these kits on Google, and with little competition, this product could take flight.

What’s next: A quick Google search only surfaces one major competitor, W&P, which prices their kits at $24 apiece. Yep, you heard right. Each TSA-compliant airplane cocktail kit costs more than one bought in downtown NYC, even though it doesn’t include the alcohol and you mix it yourself. There’s room for more players to come in at lower price points and to diversify the cocktail options.

Update: We did a followup piece on this signal in summer 2020 analyzing the opportunity in more detail, and showing how it could be applied to other growing tourism industries, like camping.

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